Adam Schiff Suggests President Trump Is Deliberately Spreading COVID-19.

Adam Schiff Suggests President Trump Is Deliberately Spreading COVID-19.

Adam Schiff Suggests President Trump Is Deliberately Spreading COVID-19.

Democrat Adam Schiff is both a brazen liar and a conspiracy theorist, but he may have outdone himself this time. 

Like the rest of the rabid anti-Trump resistance, Schiff has been completely flummoxed by the amazing resilience of President Trump who only one week ago was hospitalized for COVID-19 but quickly bounced back stronger than ever. 

The crafty chairman of the House Intelligence Committee spent years boasting about his "evidence" that Trump was colluding with the Russians but was never held accountable when he failed to produce it and his antics just don't stop. 

Now Shiff is suggesting that Trump could be deliberately spreading the coronavirus for resuming campaign events and refusing to wear a mask.

Via The Hill, "Schiff: If Trump wanted more infections 'would he be doing anything different?'":

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) on Thursday tore into President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, warning that a rally he plans to hold at the White House on Saturday runs the risk of spreading the illness.  

“Donald Trump held a super-spreader event at the White House. Now he wants to hold another big rally there, and still refuses to wear a mask. I don’t think Donald Trump wants even more Americans to be infected with COVID-19. But if he did, would he be doing anything different?” Schiff, a prominent Trump critic, tweeted.

The tweet comes as Democrats assail Trump for his handling of the pandemic, noting his frequent flouting of mask and social distancing guidelines at his White House events and campaign rallies.

Trump, the first lady and several aides, campaign officials and outside advisers have contracted the coronavirus. Many of the individuals who have tested positive attended a Sept. 26 event at the White House where Trump announced the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. The event was held outside, but many people in the crowded audience did not wear masks.

Schiff also recently fished another doozy out of his tinfoil hat when he went on CNN with Wolf Blitzer and claimed without proof that Trump's ability to function was impaired due to the drugs that he was taking for treatment of COVID-19. 

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