CNN Busted Building WALL (not bridges) in wake of ‘mostly peaceful’ Atlanta protests

CNN loves the protests, they make sure to say. They admire them and praise them and defend them against evil tear gas attacks designed to cruelly stop damage to property and person, and clear areas without harming anyone (did y’all forget tear gas is just crowd control and wears off? Cause the media did.)

See they don’t want anyone stopping the protesters from taking over police stations or highways or entire portions of downtown areas. But they DO want to keep people out of their own offices, it seems. So they built that thing that they have spent 4 years telling you is useless and dumb: A BLEEPING WALL.

Twitchy remembers when CNN was busy tweeting, from this very now-walled building, that America should be building “bridges not walls.”

For me but not for thee seems to be the network’s motto on everything, doesn’t it?

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