Democrat NJ Gov. wants to give illegal aliens $600 a week as coronavirus relief

While Americans continue to suffer from the economic downturn over the coronavirus pandemic, New Jersey’s governor is more worried about the illegal aliens in his state: The group is asking authorities to take aggressive steps to help immigrant communities, including increasing the federal stimulus check to $2,000 a month, give $600 a week to those who lost their jobs but are ineligible for unemployment benefits and sign an executive order halting detention and deportation of unauthorized residents.

Democrat NJ Gov. wants to give illegal aliens $600 a week as coronavirus relief
Democrat NJ Gov. wants to give illegal aliens $600 a week as coronavirus relief
Murphy said he’s open to the idea of $600 but would not commit to it during Thursday’s daily press briefing, and said he had not seen the report. He also urged anyone without access to healthcare, including undocumented residents, to contact the state. Wow. That’s just great. And he’s not the first one to do this either – over in California, Gavin Newsom has already signed into law a $75 million giveaway for the illegal aliens there.

Look, even if you think that it’s a humanitarian thing to help out those illegal aliens who are in the country [though I doubt our readers believe that], this is a fantastic argument against illegal immigration, right? If we had enforced our laws and kept illegal aliens out, we wouldn’t HAVE to worry about providing them relief during a pandemic like this one. Not to mention that having a very poor and very vulnerable community going to work during a pandemic is probably not a good idea:

“We are not only living with the threat of contracting coronavirus,” an anonymous survey respondent said. “We are also living with the fear that if we lose our jobs, we will lose our health insurance. And because we are immigrants, we can’t get public insurance. I’m worried for my safety and my family’s safety.” Many of these people choose to go work anyway because they can’t afford to stay home. And guess what happens then? More cases of coronavirus.

In any case, the government is tossing out money like Oprah doing an impression of a sailor with a fentanyl addiction, so I’m guess this will pass pretty easily…

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