California Sheriff Warns, Arrest People For Not Wearing Masks in Public.

California Sheriff Warns He Has the Power to Fine, Arrest People For Not Wearing Masks in Public. California – Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco warned the public that his department has the power to fine and or arrest people for not wearing masks in public.

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California Sheriff Warns, Arrest People For Not Wearing Masks in Public.

25 people have died from the Coronavirus in the entire county of millions and the Sheriff has gone into crisis mode. “This is a valid order and enforceable by fine, imprisonment or both,” Bianco said on Monday in a video statement.

He added: “Not everybody’s getting the message It started with staying at home, social distance and covering your face. But now we change from saying that you should say that you must.” Right now, you could be a carrier of this virus, spreading it to your family and friends,” he said.

The Sheriff said that his department will “not be setting up any type of police state and this is not a declaration of martial law in Riverside County.” “Riverside deputies will not be stopping vehicles or setting checkpoints for motorists. We will not be stopping you while on a walk with your kids or while you’re out running or hiking. You will not be stopped and ticketed simply because you’re not wearing a mask.”

The Sheriff pleaded with the public not to call 9-1-1 to report violations. Meanwhile, the San Diego Sheriff proudly boasted about issuing citations to people who were getting fresh air near the beach in Encinitas. But the people of California aren’t living in a police state, just ask the Sheriff.

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