Donald Trump declaring New law will leave you speechless

One report about Trump declaring martial law will leave you speechless. The Chinese coronavirus is spreading across America. States are closing down bars and restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, and nonessential businesses. And now this one report about Trump declaring martial law will leave you speechless.

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President Trump

The Centers for Disease Control issued new guidelines encouraging Americans to limit social gatherings to less than 10 people and to not leave home if at all possible. President Trump cannot order a lockdown, close restaurants, or shut down schools. Under the Constitution and our system of federalism, states are empowered to make those decisions.

But the Fake News Media is always looking to cause problems for President Trump and CNN seized on the opportunity of the reports of these measures being put in place to try and whip up more hysteria.
Fake news CNN host – and former Obama administration official – Jim Sciutto – threw a stink bomb into the national discussion by claiming President Trump took one step toward martial law by imposing a national curfew.

“New: There are active discussions within the Trump administration to encourage a possible ‘curfew’ across the nation in which non-essential businesses would have to close by a certain time each night. – @CNN reporting,” Sciutto wrote.
Vice President Pence’s spokeswoman Katie Miller shot down Sciutto’s obviously fake news.

The spread of the coronavirus is a serious threat.

But fake news CNN will never pass up an opportunity to whip up hatred against President Trump.

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