BREAKING NEWS, Omar made the most insane coronavirus claim.

Ilhan Omar made the most insane coronavirus claim you will ever see. Democrats are not being helpful in the response to the coronavirus. Instead of working with the President, Democrats see this crisis as a prime opportunity to impose socialism on America. And now Ilhan Omar made the most insane coronavirus claim you will ever see.

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BREAKING NEWS, Omar made the most insane coronavirus claim.

The coronavirus threatens to overwhelm hospital systems across the country as the virus causes a wave of hospitalizations. President Trump put in place social distancing guidelines to “flatten the curve” by reducing in-person interactions. This will spread out the infections to maintain a manageable caseload.

An overwhelmed hospital system will not only lead to more coronavirus deaths, but also the deaths from ailments that doctors and nurses could otherwise treat had they not been swamped with coronavirus cases. Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar floated the idea of Soviet-style government takeover of all the nation’s private hospitals.

No one could figure out how that would increase hospital capacity. The government seizing hospitals would not increase hospital capacity because the number of beds and ICU units are what they are. Omar is just seizing on the coronavirus outbreak because the Left believes in “never letting a crisis go to waste” and thinks this is the time they can impose a socialized medicine scheme on the country.

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