BREAKING NEWS, Election was cancelled for coronavirus reason

This election was canceled for an awful coronavirus reason. No one saw this coming. One of the biggest disruptions to America's life was just proposed. And now this election was canceled for an awful coronavirus reason. Tuesday will see a series of key primaries in Florida, Ohio, Arizona, and Illinois that could effectively end the Democrat primary.

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But with the government’s new guidelines recommending no gatherings of more than 10 people, many Americans are wondering if these primaries should go on. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine believes massive in-person voting represents a health threat to spread the coronavirus and his administration filed a lawsuit to delay voting until June 2.

“It is my recommendation that we postpone in-person voting until June 2, 2020. We cannot tell people to stay inside, but also tell them to go out and vote. I’m making this recommendation because we must also look out for our poll workers. I believe when we look back on this, we’ll be happy we did this.

“The votes that have already been cast will still be counted – and this recommendation would allow others to vote in the future. A lawsuit will be filed to postpone the election until June 2, 2020. In the meantime, voters would still be able to request absentee ballots. It will be up to a judge to decide if the election will be postponed,” DeWine wrote. The coronavirus also represents a challenge for the General Election. Flu season usually begins in October right when early voting starts.

Some public health officials believe that even if the coronavirus outbreak subsides in the summer it could come roaring back in the fall. Louisiana and Georgia have already delayed their primaries until May. Ohio just joined this group when it announced hours before the polls were to open the primaries would be pushed back until June 2.

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