BREAKING NEWS, Donald Trump coronavirus response.

Donald Trump coronavirus response as US leader bans travel to and from Europe. It comes hours after COVID-19 was officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the number of cases outside of China increased 13-fold in just two weeks.

Donald Trump coronavirus response.

Donald Trump has banned all travel to and from Europe in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The ban covers all of mainland Europe - but excludes the UK - and is in place for the next 30 days.

Speaking from the Oval Office in the White House, the US president blamed the European Union for not acting quickly enough to address the outbreak. He also claimed that US clusters were being "seeded" by European travellers.

Trump said the US would monitor the situation to see if travel could be reopened earlier. He added that "we are marshalling the full powers" of the US government and private sector to protect Americans.

Addressing the nation after Washington DC declared a state of emergency, Trump also said the US would defer tax payments due to the government for some impacted filers for three months as he looks to lessen the economic impact of coronavirus. Congress has also unveiled a multi-billion dollar aid package which is expected to be voted on today.

It follows days of the US president playing down the threat of the flu-like virus.
But as the disease was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation, it became clear this tactic wouldn't work. Across the US, communities cancelled public events, universities cancelled classes, and many public schools were shut.

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